0. Pocket Cash Register Documentation

Pocket Cash Register is the result of many requests we have received from our POS customers, who wanted something as simple as a Cash Register. We tried in vain to convince them to adopt a full POS system, arguing about the advantages of back-end operations, etc., but without avail.

This is therefore our Cloud POS solution to such needs. You sell 30m of cloth at 5.75/m? No problem. Type 30×5.75= Then, press Dept 01. You have another 11m of a different product at 33.50/m? Type 11×33.50= Then press Dept 02. Just like Cash Registers, you may have up to 8 departments to analyse your sales.

Done with the client?

Press Go. That’s all.

Don’t worry. Your figures are still there. Select “TODAY” and press “Email” You will receive in your email (the one in your profile) a PDF version of the sales of today.

The easiest way to understand the software is to use it. You can email us at support@cloud-pos.org