1. Installation

  1. Buy the app on PlayStore. ($5) All our apps are on that page. Select Pocket Cash Register.
  2. Install the app like any PlayStore app.
  3. Your purchase proof will come to your email. There is a Google PlayStore Application id given to you by Google:
  4. When you launch Pocket Cash Register, you will be asked for credentials:
  5. Enter the Google Playstore App order id, and your password. The first time, the system will allow you to enter any password you choose. So be very careful. You will not be able to change that password, and you must enter the same password all the time.
  6. You should see the Main Menu of the app. You should see 2 options : Your Profile, and Start Selling.
  7. Choose Your Profile.
  8. You can enter the Business name, the Business phone and street, and your email.
  9. If you do NOT see these options… email us at support@cloud-pos.org. You can also call us on +23057783848.
  10. At any time the Home Button (it looks like home!) will allow you to get back to the main menu.