7. Tablet or Smartphone?

Pocket Cash Register is an Android app, which is so called because it can run on a smartphone. But it also works on tablets. The screen auto-rotates to fit the chosen device. It is definitely more comfortable for use on a tablet, but the huge advantage of a smartphone is that you carry around with you everywhere.

Say you are a garage owner. It is very simple to just key in the sales money you collect – and only think of accounts later.

Or you are working in an exhibition fair. In such places, it is good to have a way to count the money, as mistakes can be a headache and a source of conflict.

If you see that many features are missing, it is on purpose. We deliberately chose to leave out any complexities in order to make this app super simple and attractive.

We are developers of full-scale restaurant and supermarket POS systems. This means that we actually removed most features in order to make this app tiny and sweet.

Contact us on support@cloud-pos.org if you do need our other full-scale POS apps.